The Future of Web Design and Development

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September 3, 2017
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The Future of Web Design and Development

Web design and development is dynamic and constantly evolving. But one thing is certain, we’re yet to see the best of web design and development. Since change is one of the most constant things in almost every facet of technology, we expect the future of web design and development to herald as many dynamic changes as anyone can imagine.

So if you have to predict the future of web design and development, what would be at the top of your list? Let’s find out!

Websites adopting the UI and UX of mobile apps

The emergence of smart devices have triggered an increase in mobile users. Several mobile apps are now parts of the daily lives of many people. How users interact with mobile apps is absolutely different in several ways compared to how they interact with websites.

In the near future, websites may adopt user interface and user experience similar to the ones used by mobile apps. This will allow websites to interact with hardware such as VR headsets, Printers, fingerprint scanners, TV sets and camera.

Websites will be integrated with wearable tech devices

Wearable tech devices are now being used in many more ways that most people imagined when the first model of Google Glasses was released. Currently, wearable tech devices are not limited to smartwatches, smart eyewear, or health wear. Wearable devices are also used as fitness tracker, navigation tools, to treat hearing impairment, as media devices and for several other functions.

In the near future, web design and development will integrate many of its features to interact, complement, and work with wearable tech devices. For instance, a fitness tracking wearable device will be able to display a website where the wearer can buy the next tool he or she needs to get back in shape based on analytics recorded by the wearable device.


Web VR will be a combination of web pages and virtual reality. Imagine when you’re shopping for a ride on a website and you want to know exactly how it feels like to be inside the car. You clicked on VR mode, wear a headset and you can actually see and interact with some of the car features as if you’re inside the car. This may be the next big hit in web design and development.

Web design and development will require less coding

At the moment, some content management platforms like WordPress has made it easier for people with little or no coding knowledge to be able to design websites. In the near future, web design and development will be more simplified and may only require a drag and drop feature to design sophisticated webpages that requires professional coding at the moment.


Artificial intelligence will dominate the big stage

Artificial intelligence will be used to train machines to understand how humans think. Robots will be designed to interact reasonably with humans and some human jobs will be wiped off completely. Artificial intelligence may be used in the medical field such as performing a brain surgery or for cancer treatments. Also, robots may be designed for security purpose and to function as human assistants.    

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