Retail Industry: Overview of the industry and why go digital.

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Retail Industry: Overview of the industry and why go digital.

Retail Industry:  Overview of the industry and why go digital.

The retail industry is confronted with tremendous challenges. As buying move online, many retail stores are closing down or facing a similar fate, over 3800 stores expected to close in 2018 and major brands like Walgreens, Toys R Us and Gap taking the lead. In fact, Toys R Us is in the process of liquidation.

However, this does not mean that physical stores are going away. 90% of retail sales are still done in physical stores. What has changed are the expectations of consumers, which is, a seamless online/offline shopping experience.

Shoppers are now in the driver's seat, enabled by technology to be constantly connected. The focus is now very much on experiential shopping and this is becoming the key driver of the retail business.

A study has found that digital interactions influence 56 cents of every dollar spent in bricks-and-mortar stores. This significant finding means that traditional retailers should seriously look at digitising their business. However, there are challenges.

That's where we come in. Visuer Interactive has helped numerous retail businesses introduce a new revenue channel into their business in a cost-effective manner. We review the business with the owners along with our consultants to offer a viable, holistic solution that can be deployed rapidly so that they can start bringing in revenue quickly.

Here are the solutions that we can provide to help retailers not only address the challenges and stay relevant but to also generate revenue from newer channels.

Retail eCommerce Solution.

Going online is one key solution to not only stay relevant but to generate additional revenue. Many traditional retailers have trusted usto help them learn and implement their online stores effectively and market their online business successfully to establish a strong presence online and draw new customers.

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eCommerce site for the marketplace seller.

For online businesses who would like to establish their own online store after having built their brand and sales success in online marketplaces. We have helped many do so by building their own branded store and deploying effective online marketing strategies to drive traffic and sales.

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eCommerce store revamp.

It crucial for online businesses to not only keep their inventory updated but their site looking fresh as well. It gives their customers a good impression that this online business is pretty active and can be trusted to deliver what they sell.

We have helped many of our existing online clients to not only deliver a fresh up to date look for their online stores but to also extend their reach, during the revamp, into the latest social media channels. This has helped garner more new customers and sales for them.

Custom eCommerce solutions.

Many businesses will grow to a level where they need a certain level of customisation that no other platforms can provide. This is where we provide you with knowledge of the best practices and build what is best for your business as well. Not only that, we help to deliver a revenue-generating strategy that will be facilitated by what was built.

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Operations as a services.

Some of our established customers would like to focus their own resources on their key business operations instead of investing heavily in the ownership of technical and operational resources required to run an online business.

This is where we come in to offer a cost-effective solution. Using our own dedicated resources with a wide range of skill sets, we will manage the regular operating activities and marketing of an online business while our clients focus on their key business operations like product creation etc.


Our team are made up of team members who are skilled in their own areas of speciality. From subject matter experts to project management and content creation (design, copywriting) as well as application development, our team can deliver a comprehensive set of solutions that will maximise the dollars of your retail business.

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