Finding the Right Website Development Vendor

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Finding the Right Website Development Vendor

Finding the Right Website Development Vendor

Why You Need a Website Developer

If you’re still considering whether or not you need a professional website developer, chances are you do. Having a good online storefront is key– it’s often the first impression of your business that a potential client or customer will get.

Website development vendors can make your life tremendously easier and help you generate new leads and nurture sales. A good website can even help improve your rank on Google, allowing for new business growth without any effort.

Hiring a website development vendor to create a website for scratch, or simply redo your existing website, is an important investment that will reap benefits for years to come.

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Some Things to Consider When Selecting a Website Developer

Some things you’ll want to keep in mind are:

  • What you want your website to look like
  • If you will have an online store or just an informational website
  • What kind of content you would like on your website
  • How easy it will be to maintain your website once it’s made

What You Should Keep in Mind When Comparing Options: A Checklist

Trying to pick the best website development vendor but not sure where to start? We can help. We’ve outlined a simply go-to checklist that you can use to confidently compare the website development vendors you’re looking at.

  1. Different kinds of website developers and which suit your needs. Web development vendors work in different ways. You can engage with a freelancer, a start up, a small agency, a large agency, or a large corporate entity. What do you think would work best for you?
  2. The platform used for website development. Do you know what platform you’d like to use for your website? Some common platforms include Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Squarespace. Many expert website developers choose to make their websites from scratch, providing fully customisable websites.
  3. Timeline and price. Price and turnaround are good things to focus on, but not the only things you should consider. Make sure that your quoted timeline and price are realistic. If not, you might end up with a lacklustre website.
  4. Questions to ask. There are some questions you might want to consider asking the vendors you’re considering. These include:
    – How big is the company?
    – What core services are offered?
    – What are the qualifications and experience of the team?
    – What is the location of the company?
    – Will any work be outsourced?
    – Are there any hidden costs?
  5. Tools used. What tools are your website developers using? Drupal, Magneto, and WordPress are some common content management systems. If you’re going to be managing your own content once your website is completed, make sure you’re familiar with whatever tools you’ll need to be using.
  6. Communication. Websites are big projects. You need to be confident that you’ll have someone to answer all your questions or fix any issues. Be sure to find out who your point of contact is, their preferred method of contact, and how often you’ll be provided with updates.
  7. Other things to keep in mind. To ensure a website development company will live up to their word, you should take a look of any case studies they have available and check to see if these websites are similar to what you’re looking for. Another great idea is to ask for client references.

Not all websites are made equally. You’ll need to have an idea of what you’re looking for before you approach website development vendors. That way, when you are assessing which individual or company is a good fit you’ll be able to know if they tick all your boxes.

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