17 eCommerce Website Design Flaws Your Store Probably Has

Finding the Right Website Development Vendor
Finding the Right Website Development Vendor
February 18, 2019
Retail Industry:  Overview of the industry and why go digital.
Retail Industry: Overview of the industry and why go digital.
February 26, 2019
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17 eCommerce Website Design Flaws Your Store Probably Has

17 eCommerce Website Design Flaws Your Store Probably Has

Here are 17 mistakes that business owners that run eCommerce websites make.

1. Underestimating the vital importance of the design of your site

When you set up a site, you should be aware that you’ll likely have only one opportunity to make a good impression. Hence, if the pages on your e-commerce site are not well designed, and if your website lacks an attractive level of aesthetical quality, it will likely scare away some of the visitors. Remember, an internet user will make up their mind in a few seconds.

2. Not setting up any links to social networks

Remember, by avoiding social networks you’ll risk losing some customers. Also, not linking your e-commerce site to some social networks is a warning sign for modern web users. Moreover, you should also make it easy for a user to be able to share links to your products on sites like Instagram or Facebook.

3. The pages take too long to load

A majority of internet users will leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to display. Thus, to prevent yourself from losing potential buyers, you should pay particular attention to the size of the photos on your site, as these often take the longest to download.

4. Having an amateur logo

Budgeting to create a quality e-commerce site and making a good logo is an easy thing to do. Hence, you should plan on setting aside a few hundred dollars to hire a graphic designer to produce a high-quality logo.

5. Making a site that is not suitable for mobile devices

You should create a mobile or a responsive site to satisfy all of your potential customers. Thus, you should create an e-commerce site that is appropriately adapted to be shown on mobile devices if you wish to avoid losing sales.

7. Neglecting the overall quality of the visuals of your site

Having poor quality, pixelated, or poorly framed photos will not make visitors want to purchase your products. Hence, you should invest in professional quality videos or pictures. Also, if you have your products displayed in attractive photos, then you’ll likely see an increase in your sales.

8. Having a site with a lack of design consistency

You should not use too many different colors or fonts, whether for headings or the text. If you do this, then the content of your site will appear disorganized, and this will make users avoid your site.

9. Having a homepage with too much data

You should be careful not to overload your homepage with banner ads, unnecessary information, or too many animated elements. This ensures visitors aren’t overwhelmed, and that your site loads fast!

10. Using poorly organized product offers

If your overall product categories are irrelevant, too numerous, or lacking in logic, a visitor will feel confused while searching for a product. Pro tip, organize your categories in terms of use cases or simply look at your competitors categories to feel inspired on how your customers like to shop.

11. Having an unclear value proposition

To create a successful e-commerce site, you need to make it clear what you are offering. Clearly expressing this value proposition makes it possible to convince a visitor, to make him want to spend more time on his visit, and to make them complete a purchase. Are your identity, offers, and competitive advantages clearly expressed on the home page of your e-commerce site? Why should a user buy from you rather than from some other merchant site?

12. Not marketing your e-commerce site

Creating a static e-commerce site is not enough. You also need to set up promotions and thereby highlight different items regularly. For example, doing organic content marketing as well as paid marketing through Google and Facebook ads is a good way to boost visibility of your business.

13. Having product descriptions that are too simple.

The description of your service or product must be well made if you want to convince a visitor to buy from you. Keep it clear and concise, illustrating its unique value proposition and features.

14. Having a purchasing process that is too long.

A user doesn’t want to spend too much time buying a product. Hence, you should make it easy for a user to buy from you with a few clicks.

15. Hiding your contact information

You need to have your contact information on your page, as this will make users more likely to trust you. Include various forms of contact: email, phone, Facebook messenger, and even live chat.

16. Only offering one delivery method

You should make it easy for a customer to get the items delivered with a schedule that works for them. Thus, the best way to do this is to offer different delivery methods, depending on how quickly a customer needs an item and how much they want to spend.

17. Only offering one payment method

Users may wish to pay using credit cards, bank transfers, or debit cards. Be as flexible as possible to not let the inconvenience of not having their preferred way of paying deter them from buying from you.

Also, now that you know more about these errors, you should make sure you avoid them.

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