Unconventional Social Media Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

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May 7, 2018
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May 18, 2018
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Unconventional Social Media Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

Sometimes you are doing everything right and yet it seems like you are not getting the kind of engagement that you are looking for. Here are some unconventional social media strategies that could work for you.


Show personal appreciation to your users

Personalise your interaction with your users by actively commenting or thanking them for their positive responses. Respond even to the negative ones, show that you have taken their feedback or comments into consideration and do get back to them on your follow up actions, if any. Asking them for their opinion is also another way you can appreciate their effort in engaging with you.


Use hashtags to interact

Hashtags provide one of the best opportunities to expand your reach. Posting content with the relevant hashtags will generate visibility of your posts to everyone who has similar interests. You may end up with new followers who have not heard of your company.


Post your user’s content:

Posting user generated content can help build a sense of belonging and community amongst your users. It makes them feel involved and encourages them to actively participate in the engagement with your company. Some loyal followers can also help be brand ambassadors. And many times, this community building can be used as a launchpad for an event as well.


Time your posts

Observe the interaction patterns or gather some data on when are the peak hours where your users are most likely to respond to your posts. Timing your posts can help maximise the level of participation and generate a sense of consistency. Other new users with the same interest will usually be active around the same time as well and this will provide you an opportunity to capture new followers.


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