Tweeting for Success: Tips and Suggestions for Effective Use of Twitter for Your Business

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July 28, 2018
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Tweeting for Success: Tips and Suggestions for Effective Use of Twitter for Your Business

Twitter has faced challenges over the years, especially these days where there are so many other options available. Many have abused the platform, and even more are questioning its relevance as a useful social media platform. Despite these challenges, there are still ways to make practical use of Twitter for your business.


Use Hashtags

Many Tweets get lost in the world of Twitter, especially with the number and frequency of Tweets nowadays. To stand out from the noise, use Hashtags to identify the context of what you are Tweeting. It helps your followers or those who are interested in the same topic or content find you quickly and is especially useful for live events.


Direct interaction

Twitter allows you to have candid conversations with your followers, which is more effective than having your Tweets lost in the seas of messages. This form of usage is prevalent among businesses providing support to their customers and can generate much goodwill among them.


Include a CTA (Call To Action) in your Tweet

Try as much as possible, to have a CTA in your Tweet. It can be a link to a form, to your website or Facebook page. Having a CTA helps direct users to where you can continue your engagement in a more focused environment.


Deliver quality content regularly

As with other social media platforms, you should have regular updates to keep your followers interested. That does not mean that you can spam them with useless, dull Tweets throughout the day. Have a content strategy and plan. Although Twitter is a more spontaneous platform, it pays to plan your delivery so that you can populate the platform with high-quality content.


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