Dos and don’ts: social media marketing tips for sustainable marketing

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April 27, 2018
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Dos and don’ts: social media marketing tips for sustainable marketing

Here we talk about some dos and don’ts of social media marketing, These social media marketing tips will help keep your campaign sustainable and deliver the results that you desire.


What you should do.


Always have a plan

There is a saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This first tip is the most important of all the social media marketing tips that we will be providing. It is always prudent to have a plan in everything we do. Even for social media marketing, it should never be a “hope for the best” type of situation. Have a clear strategy that includes the objectives, action items to help achieve these objectives and how to measure the success. We have approached this subject briefly in another article, where you can find some questions you should be asking yourself before embarking on a social media campaign.


Genuine interaction and engagement.

It’s tough to balance between self-promotion and being genuine, but it is an excellent strategy to be authentic. Overzealous self-promotion and hard-selling will often result in undesirable effect. Take time to engage with your customers, and positive results will eventually develop itself.


Consider using different media types and platforms.

Delivering new content with new media types and platforms is a right way of keeping your customers interested. Visual mediums like videos, infographics and interactive media tend to be more appealing; there is a higher chance of users sharing them.


Stay calm during a crisis

You will eventually encounter unfavourable opinions about your organisation on social media. The first thing you should do is to stay calm and be level-headed. Make sure you have a crisis management plan and stick to the program. Deviate only when necessary. Always look to de-escalate the situation actively.


What you should NOT do.


Ignoring your audience is not acceptable

Always engage your social media users actively. Never ignore them, even the ones who respond to you negatively. Show genuine appreciation to those who responded positively and address the concerns those who reacted negatively without being aggressive.


Never lose your personal touch

Always do your best to respond personally. Never use a bot with automated responses that will leave your social media users frustrated. Spending time with your social media users will bring about a fuller experience and fruitful engagement.


Never assume it’s all the same

Know your chosen platforms well and how to optimise their usage. Take advantage of their features and type of audience. For example, LinkedIn for professional engagements, Instagram for light social posts. Cater to the nature and tone of your social media posts accordingly. It is never a one size fit all solution.


I hope you find these social media marketing tips useful, and good luck!

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