Myths and Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing

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June 1, 2018
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Myths and Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for all businesses, but some misconceptions have resulted in either the fear, lack of adoption or even their misuse. Here are some common myths and misconceptions about social media marketing that have been circulating.


Social media is free.

Social media marketing is not free. Although it does not cost you any money to set up accounts on most platforms, there is still time needed to perform the following tasks: Research into the markets and target audience, developing and setting up a strategy, and an ongoing execution and refinement of the strategy.


You should be on every available platform.

It is good to cast out a wide net and make your presence known. However, not all platforms are going to be as useful or valuable to your brand. Depending on your business and customer type, you should take the effort to understand which platforms will be most suitable and focus more of your resources on these platforms.


Promotions on social media are not necessary.

Many social media consultants will advise that their clients only focus on creating high-quality content that will stick and followers will come naturally. However, this may not be realistic. Without the initial nudge to generate awareness, the high-quality material created will sit there in the void. Spending some ad dollars to promote your content will bring about value in the long run.


Quantity over quality.

Many measure the success of their social media engagements through the number of followers. While numbers are critical, the quality of the followers is more important. You want followers who engage with you actively, who believe in your product and possibly be your customers in the future.


Many of these misconceptions, with the right thinking and mindset, can be addressed to bring about an even higher quality delivery of your social media marketing campaigns.


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