How to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

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June 23, 2018
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July 28, 2018
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How to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

In this experience age, where many businesses are jumping on the Facebook page bandwagon and vying for attention, how do you create a fulfilling Facebook page experience for your potential customers to capture their attention? Here are some recommendations that we thought would help.

Fill out all relevant profile fields.

Nowadays, your customers might end up on your Facebook page before visiting your website. The visit to your Facebook page presents an opportunity for you to provide them with an overview of your business and to create a positive impression. So make sure you fill up as much information on the profile as possible. Customers will get the impression that your business has substance, that you care about it and that you can be trusted to provide the service they need.

Setup a custom URL.

A custom URL gives you an opportunity to provide your customers with a link that is easy to remember and says something about your business or at the very least, provide a strong brand identity.

Refresh your content regularly

If your customers do not see you updating your content regularly, they will get bored, uninterested and eventually stop following you. Take some time and effort to plan and set up content for updates at regular intervals. Use a mix of text, image and video content to keep things fresh; your customers will appreciate the effort.

Engage your customers

The opportunity to respond to your customers directly in a more timely manner is one of the key appeals of the Facebook platform. With a more personal touch, you get to engage with your customers and show that you care and build a stronger bond with them. So take the effort to interact and communicate with your customers regularly.

Ultimately, it is about providing your customers with a fruitful experience that will go a long way in not just getting new customers but also retaining their loyalty.

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