How UI & UX Impact Businesses?

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September 3, 2017
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January 22, 2018
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How UI & UX Impact Businesses?

You must have seen at least one sport or movie celebrity endorsing a brand by demonstrating how to use the brand. There’s only one reason why businesses hire celebrities to do that. They want that celebrity to be the face of their brand and to show users the benefits of experiencing the brand’s features. The outcome of such campaigns is always successful.

While SMEs may not have the same budget to hire a celebrity like big brands, they can use their website’s user-interface (UI) and User-experience (UX) to achieve the same results like big brands who spend hundreds of millions of dollars to hire celebrities for endorsement. This is one of the key reasons why every SME’s website should have a good User-interface and a brilliant User-experience.

Just as celebrities use their fame to attract people to a brand they are endorsing, you can use your website’s user interface to drive traffic and generate leads for your products or services. So what exactly is a user interface and a user experience?

What does User-interface (UI) mean?

The user interface is simply an available tool visitors and users rely on to communicate with a website or other digital services. User interface functions with several commands or menus such as controls, toolbars, icons, buttons, that allow users to browse, select and enter data.

User experience (UX) mean?

This is how easy or difficult it is for users to interact with a website or any digital offering such as a mobile app, gaming console, etc. A well-designed user interface can simplify and improve the user experience and vice versa.

So how exactly can these two key features impact your business?

A user friendly website user interface and user experience can delight your customers and motivate them to keep returning to your sites and continue to patronize your business. If visitors and new users couldn’t figure how to use your user interface within the first few minutes or even seconds, they can leave to consider your competitor.

Your business website, mobile app or any other digital services visitors and customers use to interact with your product and services, represents your brand. And if your user interface and user experience is poorly designed, it will have a negative impact on your brand as users will assume that your offerings are also poor.

A user friendly interface and experience can boost your business lead generation, and eventual sales. If users can navigate your site easily, especially an ecommerce site, they’ll be able to find whatever they need quickly and buy as soon as they can.

If texts, images and videos are positioned appropriately and the layout of the site is designed in a self-explanatory way, users will find it absolutely easier to interact with the site, thereby boosting users’ experience.

Bottom line
The internet is a beehive of information, making it a platform where users are distracted. If your business website’s user interface is poorly designed it will lead to a poor user experience, increasing your bounce rate, poor visibility, and ranking in search engine result pages. If you get it right, every other thing will fall into place.

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