Case Study


A digital experience for the modern Asian.


Conceived in August 2001, utopia aspires to celebrate the Asian heritage with a modern interpretation. Fusing traditional fabrics with high fashion styles that created an individualistic collection, utopia’s designs evoke a refreshed sense of nostalgia. As a result, a faithful following of fans and customers gradually grew and led utopia to become a successful fashion retail with their unique offering. However, over the years, the rapidly developing digital world has disrupted the fashion retail industry in a big way. utopia realised that the population of all ages came to demand a more digitally-led approach to shopping and knew that they need to evolve the way their approach to their customers. One of the first steps was to establish an online presence and provide their customers with an online channel to meet the digital thirst. However, as they realised, going online has presented another set of challenges that must be addressed. This is how we worked with utopia to help bring their heritage online.

Our Roles

Visual and user interface design

Online brand design

Development (web and mobile)



The launch of new utopia designs happens regularly, on a weekly and bi-weekly cadence. However, many customers are unaware of these launches and utopia has to spend time informing them slowly via text messages.

Utopia had already been using technology platforms to reach out to their potential and existing customers and had been getting comfortable with their approach. However, it was not as efficient as they wanted.

Many of their customers are also from outside Singapore, and without a convenient way for them to make purchases, utopia has been catering to the needs of these overseas customers in a very labour intensive manner. During this digital transformation process, they hope to not only find a way to provide a convenient channel for these customers but also to achieve a more efficient way for utopia to operate internally.

Together with Visuer Interactive, they embarked on the highly extensive digital transformation process.


There is a need to address a gap in the knowledge of what is required to set up an online store successfully and also to manage the operational aspects of an online store.

The additional complexity was the ageing system that was in place over the years that is still managing their inventory and stores.


Working closely with utopia, we addressed four areas of work. To deliver a robust online brand message; integrate the newly developed online store with their existing system; online marketing efforts and taking care of their operations.

Web Design

We developed a web presence that is unique to utopia. The website look and message is consistent with the philosophy of utopia and has drawn positive reviews from their customers, existing and new.


As for the online store, we found the most cost-effective solution that will work well with their existing system.


Operationally, we took charge of the regular operations and maintenance of the systems as well as the content management of the website. With that in place, utopia can now focus on their principal business activities, which is to deliver designs that customers want.


We also took charge of the strategies and execution of marketing plans to drive more awareness, create even more new leads that translate into new customers for them.


With the launch of the website, utopia’s existing customers are kept up to date on new launches. They can buy the designs they like online and have their purchases delivered to them. Utopia is now able to focus on doing what they do best, creating news designs without the operational distractions while we at Visuer take charge of the operations and marketing as well as driving sales online.

Since the launch of their online store, new sales have increased by 64x due to the online outreach; sales turnover have risen by xx% as they are capturing additional revenue from online customers. This initiative have also captured the attention of media, which extended on the attention and lead to even more sales.