Case Study

Running Remote 2018

Build and scale your remote team


The Running Remote Conference is for organisations who are running or starting a remote team. Attended by global companies of varied industries and with speakers from leading work tech companies; online collaboration thought leaders and outsourcing business owners. They have all come together to provide actionable strategies and tactics that can be applied immediately.

Our Roles

Brand design

Visual elements production

Event collateral design

Video production


Being an international conference held in Bali with the attendance of top tech leaders, the Running Remote Conference has to display a strong branding that is professional and yet with the cultural flavour of Bali.


One of the critical challenges is to find a way for the brand, and its designs must remain professional but not erode the cultural aspects of the conference location. Together, we worked with the Running Remote team to achieve a strong branding for the Running Remote Conference.


We first developed a comprehensive brand guide with an extensive set of characters to represent the different aspects of remote working. These characters helped to set the tone of the conference with a little playfulness built into them. We then used Balinese elements, like a temple as one of the design elements to deliver a sense of work blending well with culture.

This brand guide established a strong foundation of the brand design. It helped the content creators communicate a consistent message to the visitors of the conference that is on-brand. It also serves as a framework for others involved in the project.

We also helped with the development of the collateral designs, based on the brand guide, and sent them to their local printers and production companies.

A powerpoint template was also developed for the presenters to use. This Running Remote Branded template helped kept the brand messaging strong during the presentations.


With the brand guide and collaterals developed, those who worked in the project were able to keep the messaging relevant and related to the brand’s goals. The consistency helped as several parties were involved in the development of the content for the conference. It distinguished the conference others and created a strong identity of its own and provided a healthy level of cohesiveness during the production. This cohesion is vital betcause it helps establish a strong brand voice that resonated with the audience, creating brand awareness and ultimately, trust. With the success of the conference, they will continue to use the brand and its elements for the next conference in 2019.


Visuer Interactive are a very creative team with top levels of expertise and communication. They provided various design themes with a quick turnaround. Our event attendees loved the graphic designs and we can’t recommend them enough. Simply amazing!

Egor Borushko
Co-founder/Producer of Running Remote